List of Plays

The Chronicles of Cardigan and Khente

1 M, 1 W , 2 Open Gender

The Chronicles of Cardigan and Khente centers on two black corporate executives as they navigate climbing the ladder toward financial liberation. In the style of a Post -Black Minstrelsy, Cardigan and Khente's first question is: Why does success and freedom always come down to “what do they think of us?”

The Immeasurable Want of Light 

30+ Open Gender

The Immeasurable Want of Light (IWL) is a constellation of micro plays drawn from my daily writing practice, Everyday Afroplay, inspired by Chris Ofili’s Afro Muses. Amidst a pageant of funny, poignant, and weird colony residents, Maker’s journey unfolds as she attempts to break free of cultural bondage into visibility.

Illustrated by Nell Painter. Published by 3 Hole Press.

Room Enough (For Us All)

1 M, 4 W

Fatimah, a new-ish widow who has found new joy in gardening. Abdullah, her son, a loving but religiously devoted comes home from his honeymoon. Jamillah, her daughter, who was disowned for being queer, has also come home. Can a family live under one roof when so much has changed.

There is Something about a Clock Face 

2 W

Minana comes home after being in America for 5 years. She decides to throw a party. How was America? What are you going to do next? Is it a Homecoming or Homegoing party? Either way Minana has a single answer for all the questions. There is Something about a Clockface asks what happens when you get your freedom and you find it’s not what you imagined.

Rum For Sale

1 W 2 M

Inspired by The Lime Bar, a Chris Ofili painting, Rum for Sale follows C. Max Tate, and his wife, Nikki, to Port of Spain, Trinidad. They're seeking a new start because NYC is tough and well, America is changing. Nikki and Max find an abandoned rum distillery and Aufidius. This is hopeful AF, maybe even paradise! However, where rum is involved, life is sweet, but weirdly still complicated.


12 Actors

Pretty dancers in flower dresses. Stew and his new family move to a new area. It’s going to be so much better. Stew gets a hire rank in his line of work. And Gladys and Stew have a new baby. Everything is perfect, at least should be perfect… until there is a party and the town deputies get out of control. Look more pretty dancers, while Dixon tries to tell us something. Thomas and Harriett try their best to give a lecture. Then we’re all watching while a bad guy gets what he deserves and Dixon keeps talking while the pretty girls dance and dance and dance. Clay is a new panoramic play about how the things we hate the most started out as something we loved. 

Night of Power 

4 W 1 M

A coming of age/family drama that investigates how the very institutions that were built to save us, fail us and fall apart. We spend the night with the Salaams, an African American Muslim family in Houston, Texas (1989) as they celebrate the 27th day of Ramadan. A hurricane hits while the Salaams come to terms with their darkest secrets.

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