!!The Chronicles of Cardigan and Khente!!

Daaimah Mubashshir & Raja Feather Kelly

The Chronicles of Cardigan and Khente

Soho Rep Lab Week - Presentation

Wednesday, January 23, 7:30pm 

Saturday, January 26, 7:30pm


Collaborators Daaimah Mubashshir & Raja Feather Kelly were
drawn together out of a desire to locate truths, the sublime, and to
expand the vocabulary of blackness on stage. Kelly’s artistic
practice combines dance, sketch comedy, minstrelsy, and devised theatre;
Mubashshir conceived Everyday Afroplay, a daily theatrical writing
practice on blackness and the black body that serves as a well-spring of
material for her company of collaborators.

Together, they have developed one Everyday Afroplay into the first episode of a larger work—The Chronicles of Cardigan and Khente—which
centers the experience of two black corporate executives as they
navigate climbing the ladder toward financial liberation. In the style
of a Post -Black Minstrelsy, Cardigan and Khente’s first question is:
Why does success and freedom always come down to “what do they think of

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