Selection of Past Work

There is Something in a Clock Face - formerly Hotel Harare (Full Length)

Minana comes home after being in America for 5 years. She decides to throw a party. How was America? What are you going to do next? Is it a Homecoming or Homegoing party? Either way Minana has a single answer for all the questions. There is Something in a Clock Face asks what happens when you get your freedom and you find it’s not what you imagined.  

Cast & Crew 

  • Shyko Amos - Chengeto Manyika 
  • Lynnette Freeman - Minana Manyika 
  • Direction- Alec Duffy 
  • Lighting- Cheyenne Sykes 
  • Stage Management - Cristina Madero 

Production History 

  •  Fire This Time Festival- Staged Reading - January 2016  
  • JACK- Barebones Workshop - February 2016

Rum For Sale 2015 (Full Length)

Inspired by a selection of Chris Ofili’s paintings, Rum for Sale follows Max Tate, and his wife, Nikki, to Port of Spain, Trinidad. Max believes he is to take over The Lime Bar and Distillery his grandfather left him. But oopsie-daisy, the property was actually left to the other grandson Aufidius Tate. So there was some sloppy record keeping and of course, neither Tate is willing to give up easily. Where rum is involved, yes, there are often battle lines to draw, heartbreak and despair but oh it's nothing but sweet paradise going down. 

Cast & Crew 

Toni Ann De Noble - Nikki Tate
Austin Mitchell - Max Tate
Temesgen Tocruray - Aufidius Tate

Directed by Patrick Vassel
Produced by Aaron Simms

Production History 

New Plays Now Festival at Ford Studio at Pershing Square Signature Center - May 2015 

Not in This Room 2015 (One Act)
Abdullah, a faithful and devoted family man comes home from his honeymoon and everything, absolutely everything has changed. How can family still be family when the family has abandoned all that holds them together? 

Cast & Crew 
Jamillah- Toni Ann DeNoble 
Abdullah- Anton Floyd
Fatimah- Chinai Hardy
Nedra- Melissa Mickens
Director - Kimille Howard
General Manager - Aaron Simms
Photo by Jamie Larson

Production History
Fire This Time Festival Season 6 - January 2015 
APAP Festival Davenport Theatre - January 2015

Video Clare or I C U CLRLY 2014 (One Act)

In the wee hours of the morning Mattie shows up for work. The café is full of people and she hasn’t even set up yet. Then two more people walk in… FML!! Video Clare is a collaborative devised work using elements of dance, Theatre of the Absurd, and text. 

Cast & Crew
Wole- Aaron Morton
Joshua- Quinn Rol
Mattie- Lauren Maykut
Directed by Jolene Noelle
Text by Daaimah Mubashshir

Watch Video Here (Documentation by Kelly Stuart) 

Production History 
Schapiro Theatre Columbia University - June 2014
Manhattan Repertory Theatre September - 2014

Night of Power 2014 (Full Length)

A coming of age/family drama that investigates how the very institutions that were built to save us, fail us and fall apart. We spend the night with the Salaams, a African American Muslim family in Houston, Texas (1989) as they celebrate the 27th day of Ramadan. A hurricane hits while the Salaams come to terms with their darkest secrets.

Cast & Crew
Nuri- Melissa Mickens
Ghani- Angelica Gregory 
Sister Afeefa- Lynette Freeman 
Nazirah- Alfie Fuller
Darul- Demone Seraphin
Director - Kareem Fahmy
Producer - Meghan Long
Dramturgy - Jen Fingal
Scenic - Stephen Davan
Lighting - Joe Thompson
Sound - Mark van Hare
Photo by Kelly Stuart

Production History 
Rising Circle Theatre Collective (Public Reading) May 2013 
Schapiro Theatre (Columbia University Production) Jan 2014

Boricelli's in the Afternoon 2013 (One Act)

Two Upper Eastside ladies (who can still lunch during these hard times) catch up and break down.

Cast & Crew
Irene- Tara Giordano 
Rhea- Lexi Balaoing
Sergio- Michael Kevin Baldwin
Director - Christopher David Murrah
Producer- Aaron Simms

Production History
No Boundaries Festival NYC January 2013

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